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We are an SME established for 17 years providing bespoke consultancy, support and software development to Business Clients.

Who are we
Independent Software Consultancy Est 1999

What we do
Bespoke Software Development and Systems Maintenance and Upgrade Specialists.

We deal mainly with UK and EU based PLCs and larger corporates across various industries including financial & business services, retail and international investment banking, pharma, telecoms and government run organisations.

Our Areas of Expertise

We don't believe in selling complex, over-engineered and expensive solutions where there is no clear business benefit or ROI. Often we find that existing in-house applications simply require tweating and basic upgrades to provide many more years service. Sometimes new technology stacks are required by virtue of a recent corporate merger and desire for standardisation or when an existing technology vendor goes out of business or a third-party product reaches end-of-life. See Recent Case Studies.


We don't beileve in "pushing" the latest "bleeding-edge" or "hyped up" technology onto our clients. Rather, we let the business and environment we work in drive the technology solution. The Client requires the in-house know-how to support the application long after our job is done. Our experience is that we tend to see "mature" technologies and programming languages that have seen at least a decade of production use in the systems we come across. See Technology Specialisms for examples.