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City of London Investment Bank Legacy Global General Ledger System Greenfield "Accounting Rules Engine" Technology Stack Replacement

Replacement of Third-Party application with in-house application:

The project involved the replacement of a third party ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool which applied Account Rules to be posted to a General Ledger Application used across Global regions of the Bank.  The in-house replacement technology was Informatica (an industry standard ETL toolset) together with various open sourced Java technologies including JBoss Java EE Application Container, Spring Core, Spring Web MVC and Google Web Toolkit.

We are seeing finance clients increasing under pressure to cut costs after the 2008 financial crisis. We were involved in a greenfield development as part of an ongoing strategic effort to save on IT costs and avoid third party vendor lock-in and move to a "standardised" in-house technology stack.

The combination of using a global software licence and open source technologies, together with in-house development knowledge meant that the client could take back control of this critical application and avoid on-going software licensing and consultancy costs and reduce overall costs to the business.

City of London Investment Bank Legacy Regulatory Reporting System Performance Enhancement

Dealing with a Changing Business Environment. Leveraging Domain Knowledge:
Since the 2008 financial crisis banks are under increasing Regulatory Scrutiny from various regulators including the Bank of England and Bank of International Settlements https://www.bis.org Basel Committee for Banking Supervision regulations for Liquidity, and Capital Adequacy.  This assignment involved the upgrade of a legacy system originally co-written by our managing director in the late 1990s and still operational at the client some 15 years later. The system was considered business critical as it is used to report figures to external regulators. A failure to report accurate numbers on a daily basis would result in fines imposed by the regulators as well as risk reputational damage to the Bank.

The system originally was SunOS Unix (later migrated to Sun Solaris and more recently Red Hat Enterprise Linux) running Sybase ASE SQL-based Relational Database with a proprietary schema and business logic highly coupled to the database in Sybase stored procedures. The system had both an overnight batch, originally Unix Crontab, later migrated to Computer Associates Autosys Batch Job Scheduler and an online front-end written in Sybase Powerbuilder (a popular 4th Generation Language used in the City of London in the 1990s), and subsequently replaced by a Java Swing GUI front-end in the mid 2000s.

As the result of a recent strategic merger, the system had to be urgently adapted in order to cope with significantly increased data volumes as well as undergo a strategic enhancement to satisfy new Bank of England Liquidity Reporting requirements introduced in reaction to the 2008 financial crisis. We were able to provide expert consultancy and guidance including coding and problem domain expertise, allowing the system to adapt and continue to function under on-going new business, operational and regulatory requirements.

EuroControl Brussels (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation http://www.eurocontrol.int)

EUROCONTROL is an intergovernmental organisation with 41 States, committed to building, together with its partners, a Single European Sky that will deliver the air traffic management (ATM) performance required for the twenty-first century and beyond.

Legacy Software Porting to New Production Operating System:
One of our consultants was involved in software ports of various internal "legacy" applications as part of a strategic production platform migration from legacy Unix HPUX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This involved the modification, upgrading and regression testing of various complex legacy software components written in Perl and various Unix Shell languages.

Greenfield Java EE Web and Spring Development:
The design, implementation and testing of a bespoke server-side Java EE Spring based application providing a service layer to a third-party access and authorisation product using an Oracle SQL-based schema for data persistence.  A web-based UI was added for online maintenance.   

Our consultants introduced Spring-based Java technologies to the Client who were previously just using Java Swing Desktop bespoke Applications. We considered the Spring Framework a mature enough technology to introduce to a client who values Production Stability, Robustness and quality of software in all of its software applications.